Seite 80 Lates news of X 119  owners
Gerrit ,NL   mailed ... X 119 Fix & Foxi has a new owner and a the new name of her is
                   Xindi Aquatic
Fredrik Odhe, SWE, met at the Eurocard Gotland Runt in Sandhamn-Sweden, told me, his X119
has a 2,23 m - 7 feet special deep keel.
I also ased X Yachts, some years ago, if they can deliver a deep keel - they could not - but sayed- that they have the plans for it yet.

On the 530 nm way home from the Gotland-Runt Race, we met in Visby, Gotland, Baltic-Sea, Sweden, - the Swedish X 119
and on the Island Christiansö ( near Bornholm- Danmark ) the Norwaygian X 119

Thomas Franzen - ex. owner of Timbuktoo CAN- now living in Sweden again, mailed to me that he intends to
sail the RACE GOTLAND RUNT in - 2006. He bought the X 119 - GBR No. 19 -
Graved Lax.

Rascen, Visby-Gotland
Dill in Frederiksö
Brinehog is for sale

Nice X119 - Owner Scott Milley, CANADA,
intends to sale his good equiped X 119.

Contact Scott directley for more information,
also visit his wonderfull homepage with pics
and further details.
The link takes you to Scotts homepage.
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